Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Backup programs

Backup programs are necessary for everyone. It saves all data for business men, it helps to simple home user to protect his/her precious photos or e-mails. There are so many types of backup programs: it could use local or remote backup. It could include CD, DVD, HDD, USB storage media or backup your data via FTP/SFTP protocols.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Backup to FTP and Synchronization

Backup to FTP can be very useful when you are going to synchronize and backup your important information to remote server or computer. Data is the most valuable and the most delicate of all business assets. The consequence of choosing appropriate software for backup to FTP couldn’t be overestimated.

Backup to FTP software provided widely in the market and almost every program includes backup to FTP solution of different types and feature sets. An excellent example is Stellar InstaBackup a handy program for data protection and backup. This backup software runs both on single machine and in networking environment and able to make full and incremental backup, compress and encrypt reserve copies.

Backup software also enhanced with built in scheduler for task management automation and to perform backup daily, weekly, monthly or at certain period of time user selected. Key feature of Stellar InstaBackup functionality, except an ability to keep backup files on local and removable drives, is to perform online backup to FTP server or computer.

Backup software offers common features to backup comfortably. To include only file types you really want to program offers file filter. Also feature set includes confirmation emails after backup finish and many other useful features.